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Message from Superintendent Bob Nash

As the 2016-17 school year begins, the Lake County Education Service District looks forward to working with our five Lake County school districts in order to help every student be successful.   The Lake County ESD assists the students and school districts of Lake County by providing equitable, high quality, cost-effective and locally responsive educational services.  Our mission is to respond to the educational needs of the five Lake County school districts.  The core services we provide are: special education services, curriculum and instructional support, technology support, and administrative support services.

In addition, the Lake County ESD continues its efforts to provide students and staff of Lake County with many other services including school psychologist, library consulting, Response to Intervention, Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education, youth mentoring, business services, state work sample development, and counseling.

Modest funding increases have allowed us to augment our services to the school districts over the past two years.  We continue to focus on high-quality special education services in order to support our most vulnerable students.   This year we are able to increase our speech and autism services through a partnership with Lake District Hospital.  Special education services have also been increased.   We have also enhanced our professional development support to Lake County school districts to assist them with the educational challenges they face.     

Marsha Moyer will continue to work with our schools and their staffs on educator effectiveness.  Marsha will be in North Lake on September 19, Paisley on September 20, and Lakeview on September 21.  Marsha is an Oregon expert on educational effectiveness and teacher evaluation.  These visits in September will continue the work that Marsha started in Lake County last school year.

The Lake County ESD continues to identify grant opportunities to help our school districts address their needs.  Recently, we were awarded a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) grant in order to provide students with increased opportunities for hands-on curriculum and connecting coursework with real world needs and experiences.

In addition we continue to look for resources to ensure families and children in Lake County become kindergarten ready.  This summer kindergarten camps were held in Lakeview and Paisley to help prepare students for kindergarten.  These camps were a collective effort between the ESD, Lakeview and Paisley school districts, the Lake County Commissioners, and a Regional Achievement Collaborative grant from the Chief Education Office.  Also, using grants from South Central Oregon Early Learning Hub the ESD supports kindergarten readiness and kindergarten engagement activities.

The hard-working and professional staff of the Lake County ESD is the key to our success.  Their dedication to the students of Lake County is what makes us successful.

My goals as superintendent of the Lake County ESD are to be responsive to the needs of the schools and students of Lake County, provide the highest quality services, and help all our students be successful.

Bob Nash
Health and Safety Updates

The Lake County ESD has tested all faucets for lead content.  The sink in the EI/ECSE modular and the utility sink in the ladies bathroom are both well below the allowable level of lead.  The two hand washing sinks in the ESD bathrooms have tested above the allowable level.  As these sinks are not used for drinking water or food preparation, no further action will be taken to reduce the level of lead in these faucets.

For complete results and report, clink on the following linkLead-Copper Results Report


Spotlight on Success

Marsha Moyer Works with Lake County Educators

On September 19-21, 2016, Marsha Moyer was in the North Lake, Paisley, and Lakeview schools. Marsha Moyer is a long time Oregon master teacher and administrator who has been a change agent for students, teachers and administrators for more than thirty years.  An Educational Leadership consultant and speaker, Moyer’s wide range of experience and trained eye for good instruction comes from years of comprehensive professional experience and ethical practices.  She is committed to improving teaching and learning in Oregon as well as making a difference in the lives of young people. 

While in Lake County, Marsha used the new Oregon teacher evaluation system to observe teachers, discuss her observations and celebrate effective strategies with teachers and administrators.  Teachers were able to meet with Marsha to fine-tune teaching practices and administrators focused on inter-rater reliability to aid in the evaluation process.